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Similarly, there are a lot of rock soundtracks, but it’s hard not to put Mega Man X on or at the top of that list. I haven’t played Lemmings, Secret of Mana, or Lufia so I can’t comment on those.

Games That Are Astoundingly Good

Until then, we can take comfort in knowing this classic shoot ‘em up action-adventure is available on the service. The Super Nintendo Entertainment System was once Nintendo’s flagship gaming console.

The original Donkey Kong Country had me drooling over its graphics months before it released, but it wasn’t until I got my hands on it and cracked into that sucker that I realized that the soundtrack was equally as stunning. I would not have thought that the sequel could top it in the music department, but it did, and then some.

Donkey Kong Country 2 has some of the most emotional music that I have heard in any medium, which is kind of hilarious if you think about it, considering that it is a game about a primate collecting bananas. You won’t hear the song I chose until the last area of Secret of Mana, but it is well worth the wait. An excellent way to close out what was a spectacular game for me. I know that most people probably hear “Zelda theme” and think of the main overworld theme from the original Legend of Zelda game, an icon of video game music. However, to me the A Link to the Past Dark World overworld theme is always the first one that springs to mind, and it may just be my favorite Zelda song.

Yes, this is pretty much the best video game system ever made. In 1992, just a year after making its debut on the flippers, the success of the Street Fighter II arcades was released on Super Nintendo. It was the first release of the franchise for the Nintendo console and contained eight original fighters, each with their look and fighting style. Nintendo invested in heavy marketing to promote Donkey Kong and their actions worked very well. The Nintendo 64 was the platform for a reboot of Star Fox, which might be added to Nintendo Switch Online eventually.

In the end, the whole soundtrack is just too mundane for me. It fits in great with the game, but doesn’t really stick with me later. Unfortunately Zero has never played EarthBound so he doesn’t know what he is missing. boss that you fight alongside it, but it also makes me imagine a dark, dreary battlefield in an apocalyptic world. I think it’s incredible, and it (along with Contra III’s music in genral) would definitely be near the top of my list of favorite Super NES soundtracks.

Obviously I don’t mean actual orchestras, but rather all the string synths and trumpets and all that jazz . There are a lot of SNES soundtracks that go for the grandiose orchestra vibe, but it’s only a handful of them that wind up being truly memorable.

Finding A Secondhand Console

  • In the early 90s, game designers were still testing the boundaries of player expectation.
  • Cue psychedelic boss fights Playstation, ravens rotating around the moon, and one giant baby.
  • What began as a simple trick to approximate three dimensional space in a 2D-based system became a visual hallmark of the SNES and a key differentiating factor in the fight against Sega.

Before we start, I have a self-imposed rule for this list; I will only choose one soundtrack per franchise. Otherwise a few key franchises might overrun the entire list, and that would not be fun, would it? I’m also choosing one song to post with each soundtrack, but this is not a best songs list, it is a best soundtracks list. The song is meant only to give a taste of what the soundtrack has to offer.

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